About Travel Purist

Travel Purist is a digital nook for the immersive traveller and culture vulture. In this era of by-the-minute updates, selfies and bucket lists, we hope to go back to the roots of travel – to a deeper discovery, both inward and outward.

Travel Purist is founded by Janhavi Acharekar, a Moon Guides author (Moon Mumbai & Goa, Moon Spotlight Goa) and contributing editor at Conde Nast Traveller India. She is the author of a collection of short stories Window Seat: Rush-hour stories from the city and the novel Wanderers, All.

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“The time has long passed for the great continental voyages – another walk to the Poles, another crossing of the Empty Quarter. We know how the land surface of our planet lies; exploration of it is now down to the details, the minutiae of existence…Aside from the deep sea and deep underground, it’s the era of the specialist. However, this is to disregard one factor; the role the human mind has in conveying remote places; and this is what interests me: how even a well-travelled route might, if travelled again in the right way, allow us to interpret a land anew.”               

Benedict Allen, Introduction to The Faber Book of Exploration.